• Flapdragon

    if you've played touken ranbu or kantai collection, you're probably used to the kind of crafting system where a certain amount of resources has a chance to give you a certain sword or ship type, with some classes being rarer than others

     (the crafting system is 20-55 stones put in gives you a chance at tantous, 20-70 gives you a chance at wakizashi, 20-85 gives a chance at uchigatana, 46-99 gives a chance at tachi, and 69-99 gives a chance at oodachi)

    (you might see demon girls as bosses, you can get them as a drop if you beat them, you can purify them in the forge with heat to get them back to their normal forms, more heat is a greater chance at success, if you fail nothing really happens)

    shinken also has a rarity system based on how much h…

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