Name 貞宗 こうず
Sadamune Kouzu
10 R
Sword Type
7 木 (Wood) 短刀 (Tantou)
気力値 HP 105
攻撃力 Attack 11 防御力 Defense 12
素早さ Speed 19
虎挟み/Steel Trap
Deals high damage to one enemy
Support Skill
Deals high damage to one enemy

11 Sword 14 Physique 8 Luck 14



Voiced by: 一ノ瀬 月琉 (Ichinose Ruru)

Illustrated by: iltusa

Introduction Edit


A girl who's easy to be misunderstood with her sharp appearance, Kouzu bonded with the Kouzuke Sadamune, a tantou crafted by a Sadamune blacksmith said to be notable of Soushuu school.

Quotes Edit

Event Japanese English Note
First Loading Completed しんけん! Shinken!
Second Loading ハッ、好きにやろうぜ?
After Second Loading てめぇ、よく来たじゃねぇか。歓迎してやるよ。
Obtained ああん?今度世話になる刀匠っつーのはおまえか。オレ、貞宗こうずってんだ…よろしくな Ah? You're swordsmith whose care I will be in this time around? I'm Sadamune Kouzu... Nice to meet you.
Checked Girl Details 見た目だけで、オレの中身を決めつけんなよ Don't judge my personality based on my look alone.
Record Check ふーん?努力は認めてやるよ。 Hmph? Your effort are recognized.
Mansion あぁん?気に入らねェ奴はぶっ潰しちまえよ。 Ah? Just beat up those who are not pleased with you.
おい、気安く触んな。馴れ合う趣味はねぇ。 Oi, don't casually touch me. I don't have a habit of being friendly.
てめぇ、なに触ってんだよ!しまいにゃ噛み千切るぞ? Bastard, what are you touching! Go on and I will bite you off? Not fully translated
Mansion (High Affection) おい!そんな顔すんなよ。てめぇに心配されっと、なんか調子狂うぜ。 Oi! Don't make that kind of face. I will be mad if you worry about me bastard.
あ?心配かけてわりぃとは思ってんだけどよ。おめぇに心配はかけたくはねぇな。次は気を付けるわ。 Hah? I know causing you anxiety is bad, though. I don't wanna make you worry. Gonna be careful next time.
Mansion (Low Affection) あぁん? Ahh?
てんめー、んだよぉ! You
Mission Start これ、やりゃあいいんだな。
Mission Complete おう!
Battle Start (Passed Earlier) オラオラ、どけどけ! Ora ora, get out of my way!
Battle Start (General) 一暴れしてやるよ。
Deploy into area ここでいいのか? Is here good?
Move in area ったく、早く言えよ。 Geez, say it faster.
Attack おらぁ! Ora!
ぃや゛あぁ! Yaa!
Attack (Miss)
Attack (Critical Hit) どりゃあああっ! Doryaaa!
Injured うあっ
Dodge あっぶね。 Careful there.
Just Before Defeat マジ、だりぃわ
Defeat やってられねぇよ!
Battle Cry ったく Tch.
くそっ Shit!
あぁ~! Ahh!
なんだよ! What's that?
Putting Into Rest わり、ちっとフケるわ。
Skill 逃がさねえよ! I won't let you escape!!
Victory ハッ!歯ごたえのねぇ。 Ha! Easy as pie.
Loss くっそぉ!ありえねぇ!
MVP つるむのは好きじゃねぇんだ。気持ちだけ受けとっとくよ。
In Mansion (After Victory) おうっ!やって来たぞ! Ohh! We've come back!
In Mansion (After Loss) くっそ!むしゃくしゃする! Shit! I'm pissed off!
Shinken Time (during smithing) ノリでガンガンいっちまえ!
Smithing Success おぉっし、やったじゃねぇか! Yeah, that should do it!
Smithing Loss たくっ…ノリが悪かったな
Polishing (Good Condition) 道具はこまめに手入れしねぇとな Taking good care of the tool is
Polishing (Medium Condition) うっせ、まだ大丈夫だよ。 Shut up, I'm just fine.
Polishing (Bad Condition) すまねぇけど、世話になるぜ Sorry, but I'm gonna be in your debt.
Putting Into Formation/Team しょうがねえなあ。 Guess it can't be helped.
Appointing as Leader リーダーってガラじゃねぇよ。
Set as Logistical Support ここなら…サボれっかな If here..., should I skip out
Cutting Test Start あん?オレに点数付けようってのか? Ah? You gonna mark my work?
Cutting Test Success っけ、これで満足か? Feh, is this enough?
Cutting Test Loss あん?慰めとか、いらねえから…
Skill Learned
Offering 堅っ苦しいのは苦手なんだよ I'm bad at ceremonious stuff.
Offering Success こんな事してもらったって返せねぇよ…?
Voice Volume Adjusting やっぱり、音楽はロックだろ?最大音量で聴けよ! Is that rock music? Let's blast it at top volume!
Idle なんだなんだァ?刀匠様はお出かけか?ったく、どうしようもねぇな What's up with this? Did the swordsmith go out? Tch, what're we gonna do now...
おいっ!いつまでも待たせてんじゃねえよ!寂しいだろうが… Oi! You're always making me wait! It's getting lonely...
(欠伸)このままだと退屈で死にそうだぜ…でも、退屈の致死量ってどのくらいだ? (Yawns) I'm gonna die from boredom at this rate. But... is there a lethal dosage for boredom?
Demon Blade The below quotes are for Demon Blades
Introduction あたしを縛るルールなんていらない。 There are no rules binding me.
Captured 偉そうなこと言っても、結局は力尽くじゃねぇか
Details あぁ~ん?
Forging Failure ハッ。響かねえんだよ、てめぇのビートじゃ。
Put into Formation/Team てめぇの都合で、あたしを使えると思うな?
Deploy into Area 楽しませてくれるじゃねぇの
Moving in area 何様だよ
Attack おらぁっ!
Attack (Critical Hit) テメーの信念、見せてみな? Try showing me your conviction?
Injured くっそぉ Damn it
Just before defeat
Defeat うあぁっ…
Battle Cry ったくよぉ… Geez
Skill もうカタにはまってんだよ、てめぇは!
MVP はいはい、偉い偉い。 Yeah yeah, so great.
Betrayal あたしを縛ることなんて出来ねえんだよ You can't bind me.