In order to play the game, you must have a DMM account. You can set the language on the page to english and then register. Because all games on the site are restricted to players with a japanese IP address, you'll need to use proxy connection or a fake region flag. Check Proxy Connection for further information.

Creating a nameEdit

After successful registration you can launch the game. When playing for the first time, the game asks for your name. It is important that your name only consists of japanese character (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji). Latin letters won't be accepted. You can use the following tables and Google Translate to create a name. 


Hiragana table


Katakana table


Name: Monoyoshi



Writing the name
You can write your name by using Google Translate . Set the translator to japanese -> english and open the handwriting window. If your done you can copy the name and paste it to the game.


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