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Prevent yourself being betrayed by demon blades

Well... I don't know where to put this tips, so i'll just put it here on the forum....

I've been using demon blades for a lot of battles right now , and I found something quite interesting...

Perhaps the demon blade users out there have realized this already ...

When I deploy demon blades on the last wave (boss wave) , I've never been betrayed even once....

Since half of my swords are demon blades , I'd say that I'm quite certain on this particular thing...

But well... Who knows , perhaps I'm just lucky that in more than 50 battles they've never betrayed me even once.... XD

(But whenever I put them not on the last wave.... The betrayal chance were like.... 99% :| )

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Interesting, I'll try it out.


I will try that too! This is a very useful information, thanks for sharing it with the community!

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