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• 4/9/2016

Demon swords?

Can you forge a demon sword? How do you get them?
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• 4/10/2016

You can! You use Steel.jpg this steel in forging to get a demon sword (the gray palette swaps of the girls) OR you can defeat them in battle to get them

(or if you let your girls get corrupted enough...they'll turn into them, but you can turn them back by using heat)

....however, if by 'demon sword' you mean the demon versions of the girls that aren't palette swaps and actually have a different sprite, they usually only show up in special events and often have different abilities than the actual girls (sometimes better/they're higher rarity)- they're not smithable and although they CAN be turned back, unlike regular gray palette swaps it requires soul steel (you can't use the lowest grade for this) and heat, and this is irreversible/if you let them get corrupted they'll just be a palette swap

so even though it's always a good idea to turn the palette swaps back it may not be a good idea to turn the demon girls back

• 4/22/2016

how to get the (normal) girls corrupted? o__o

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