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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/19/2016

caps of events/recollections

Does anyone have caps of the events/recollections? I know it's a long shot but...if someone did I'd be happy to try to take a look at them..
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• 5/19/2016


Well.... So tommorow , there'll be a maintenance and updates to the game....
New event incoming...
So what's this okaeri campaign all about?
Anyone care to explain? I'm too lazy to look it up , sorry XP
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• 5/11/2016

Prevent yourself being betrayed by demon blades

Well... I don't know where to put this tips, so i'll just put it here on the forum....
I've been using demon blades for a lot of battles right now , and I found something quite interesting...
Perhaps the demon blade users out there have realized this already ...
When I deploy demon blades on the last wave (boss wave) , I've never been betrayed even once....
Since half of my swords are demon blades , I'd say that I'm quite certain on this particular thing...
But well... Who knows , perhaps I'm just lucky that in more than 50 battles they've never betrayed me even once.... XD
(But whenever I put them not on the last wave.... The betrayal chance were like.... 99% :| )
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• 5/6/2016


What do you need the cross (十字架) for?
They're not on the item list on this wiki....
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• 5/6/2016

Demon Sword Kunie

Well... I just got really lucky this time.... (Well , at least I consider it lucky X9)
I forge a demon blade monster , kunie (demon form)
Details :
My level (刀匠) = 11
魂鋼(並) = 72

魂鋼(良) = 5
魂鋼(優)= 0
魂鋼(極)= 0
★4以上確定魂鋼(極) = 1 
魂鋼(蝕)= 1
Heat Used / Number of clicks I did = 30047

(Yeah , i  clicked manually.... My fingers so damn tired now...) There wasn't anyone who posted it on the japanese wiki , so I submit my recipe there....Not sure how to post it here , so I'll just put my recipe here~~ I mean this girl >>>
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• 4/28/2016

Demon Sword

Could anyone please explain to me everything you know about demon sword?
Both the one with the colour pallete and different sprite...
Just take your time, i'll be waiting XD
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• 4/26/2016

Graphic error

I just started to play this game....
But somehow....
The graphic of the game is so blurry , i can barely see a thing ...
Only the dialogue font looks normal...
I really want to play this game.... Anyone could help?
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• 4/9/2016

Demon swords?

Can you forge a demon sword? How do you get them?
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• 1/11/2016

What are the bottom stats for?

I get what attack, speed and defense are but what are stats like guts, spirit, sword and pace even mean?
I assume luck is used to calculate crits or something similar.
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• 12/11/2015

Okay, another question.

Why? Why is she flashing? Whats with the "OK" speech bubble?
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• 12/11/2015

Why is she a warm grey?

Okay, so I've been able to decently navigate the game with what little info I could find online (mostly this wiki), but I cant figure this out. she must be speacial for some reason, but what?
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• 7/6/2015

A little confusing

Hello! I'm an English user who isn't fluent in Japanese.
To be honest, I didn't manage to find a lot of information in English, and what there was I found sort of confusing. I kinda have just been winging the game and hoping desperately that I don't do something horridly wrong.
Now, I don't mean that to sound as an insult or anything, I'm sure people are working hard on this wiki. And the game seems to be small as opposed to more popular browser games, so there's a smaller fanbase and therefore less people to help edit.
So instead of complaining, is there any way I can maybe help?? I don't know Japanese, but I'm pretty good at organizing information.
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